Detroit Woman Uses Facebook for Sick Baby…That Doesn’t Exist (Video)

We are on our third Facebook story this week.  What is going on over there?  It looks like Mark Zuckerberg may be getting ready to share the same troubles as the Craigslist owners and find his business in trouble from all of these members using it for sordid purposes.  The newest creative use of Facebook comes in the form of a Detroit woman who tried to use her Facebook page to run a fundraiser for her sick infant that, so far, no one can prove exists.

According to investigators from Detroit’s local ABC affiliate WXYZ, Monique “Proudtobeamom” Bartlett, 27, is being charged with a misdemeanor for fraud because so far a baby she has been giving constant status updates for on Facebook and has been collecting plenty of cold hard cash for from social services as well as friends, doesn’t appear to have ever existed.  Even the Ferndale police department wasn’t able to dig up a birth certificate for the baby from Vital Records.

Bartlett was even bold enough to file a paternity suit against the father for child support along with a protective order to keep him away.  The so-called father was smart enough to submit his DNA to the courts to prove one way or another he was the father before any child support order would be determined.  But, once again, Bartlett didn’t show up with a baby to be tested. 

In another bizarre twist her high school girlfriend, Nina Bond, who she reunited with through Facebook a few years ago, alerted authorities to this case because she had enough of what was unraveling as a scam.  She thought something was fishy when Bartlett said that she was delivering the child at home and that she had her midwife there with her.  But then, she went and took the scam way too far.  After having the baby, according to Bartlett, the child had some sort of lung failure and then:

“…about six months later, when Bartlett announced on Facebook that she was having a benefit at AJ’s Café in Ferndale to raise money for Jude, Nina Bond wanted to contribute. Friends say Bartlett posted fliers explaining she owed $63,000 in hospital bills for Jude’s two surgeries and his around-the-clock care.”

Crazy right?  But the plot thickens.  Bond showed up to the affair and donated $100 into a bucket that friends told WXYZ was emptied several times that night.  Later when friends started asking questions Bond said:

“She files the police report against us saying that we’ve threatened to kill her, [saying we] showed up at her job, [and] got kicked out of the store by Loss Prevention,” said Bond.”

But the judge threw out the orders saying that Bartlett drew up the false reports from Loss Prevention at the Target she worked for and she had committed perjury under oath.  The story gets crazier and crazier as they get hot on her case.  This is also a good lesson in learning the difference between Facebook friends and actual friends.  Read more here or check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. WOW!!!!!! Geesh, is that how they role in Detroit?? In Baltimore they barely want the ones they have in Detroit, they’re making up ones that don’t exist.

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