Jay-Z Being Investigated for Hanging Out in KY Locker Room

Jay-Z celebrates in locker room with Kentucky after win over North Carolina Sunday.

It appears that Jay-Z lost his head after Kentucky beat North Carolina on Sunday to grasp a coveted position in the Final Four.  The team played at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  Everyone knows Jay-Z is from Brooklyn and he’s part owner of the New Jersey Nets.  He began the partnership and will be bringing the Jets to Brooklyn for the 2011-2012 season.  So, it looks a little suspicious when he shows up at a college basketball game and goes in the locker room after a win–at least to the NBA. Continue reading

Ohio Approves Strictest Abortion Limit in the U.S. with ‘Heartbeat Bill’

Ohio’s politicians managed to slip a bill through a House committee on Wednesday to secure the strictest point of service that a woman can have an abortion.  The bill still has to be approved by the House, but it states that the woman cannot get an abortion after the first detectable heartbeat at about six weeks. Continue reading

Black Men Incarcerated At Higher Rate than Enslaved in 1850

The Ohio State Law Professor and Author Michelle Alexander.

A vicious truth about the enslavement of African American men in this country has just come to light.  The period of slavery we thought ended in 1865 with the 13th amendment has in fact been extended to 2011.  The penitentiary is full of involuntary servitude and when it comes to black men, it is overflowing.

According to ColorLines, Ohio State law professor and author Michelle Alexander who wrote “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”, told an audience at the Pasadena Branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, “More African American men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War began.” Continue reading

Florida Governor Wants Welfare Applicants to Pay for Drug Tests

Florida's Governor Rick Scott (R)

The governors all over the nation are scrambling to find ways to cut corners, but you just gotta laugh when you hear the idea out of Florida.  It’s reminiscent of an idea D.C. was looking over a few years ago to get the women addicted to crack to stop having babies.  They wanted to pay crackheads $10 every morning if they would come in and take a birth control pill.  Brilliant, right?  This would inadvertently relieve the welfare and social services of caring for another single mother with children.  Well there’s a flaw in the plan, you’re putting out money and then turning around and paying them again with disability. Continue reading

Freaknik is Back?

Is there anyone out there that does not have memories of being defiled in some way at Freaknik?  How about run over in some stampede from a fight?  Imagery still stuck in your head from the fake-me-out “Luke girls” with the thongs on at the Burger King tryin to make some “change?”  Anyone catch Lil’ Kim at the park practically naked dancin’ to Pop that Coochie on top of someone’s car? Did anyone come back to their car and they didn’t steal it, but folks were in it having sex? Oh, then you’re reallllllllllllllly missing Freaknik.  YEAH RIGHT!

It appears that no one is really feelin’ the idea of bringing it back.  And it’s too bad the event got out of control because it started out pretty good, until it got so much “attention.”  Once it blew up from hundreds to hundreds of thousands, it took a turn for the worse.  Continue reading

Anti-Abortion Campaign Adds President’s Obama Image to Billboards

Rev. Derek McCoy flanked by fellow supporters of Life Always as they unveil controversial posters.

The anti-abortion campaign targeting black women has officially gone too far.  There are several groups that are spearheading the controversial campaigns throughout Atlanta and New York.  But, now another campaign that has launched in the South side of Chicago has gone overboard and added President Obama to its billboards with the tag line: “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.” Continue reading

Jokey Joke: D.C. Metro Dancer

The next time you decide to get on the subway, bus, walk down the street, or anything else that pertains to public transportation, make sure you have a good song in your iPod.  The reason I’m saying this is because you may get into your music so deeply that the rest of the world ceases to exist when you start to groove to your sounds.

The folks on D.C.’s Metro train were privy to a New York Broadway show on their way home.  We don’t know what Continue reading

9 Patients Dead in Alabama After Contaminated IV Feeding Bags Used

Historically, the hospital has not been a safe place for African Americans to go.  There are still those elders that will tell you in a minute, “No cut!”  They will not go anywhere near a hospital and don’t hesitate to share the story about how their mother went in to have a mole removed and they took her kidneys.  But, in this case, several hospitals in Alabama, by no fault of their own, all received contaminated feeding bags.

According to MSNBC, in addition to the intravenous feeding bags used on patients at Select Specialty Hospital in Birmingham, Al. Continue reading