Is $32,000 Too Much for a 6-Year Old’s Birthday?

Anyone in their right mind knows that those people on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” and TLC’s new show, “Outrageous Kid Parties”, need professional help.  Really!  If they want my unprofessional input on the topic of overspending on these parties, I will be pleased to help them find their closest dollar store and soon after, a therapist.  The topic on the table today is a parent who spent $32,000 on a 6-year old’s birthday party.  The TLC channel showed the family last week  and commentators have been eating it up.

The people on this show aren’t any celebrities’  family members.  These are just ordinary parents going all out for their children. Didn’t any of them see the President’s last state of the union address?  The rich are under the impression that they are going to ALWAYS be rich.  The old money out there–and those that are in oil–might be okay, but there’s no guarantees these days.  As for the rest of us,  it looks like we’ll be in the soup line after defaulting on the loan we took out for a tank of gas.

Check out these commentators on the topic.  The sister is giving it to them good.  She knows we are just a little bit more practical.  We’ve been down this road before.

-J.C. Brooks

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