Gmail Account Holders Outraged Over Erased E-mails


Are you going to take the time to look through all of your e-mails tonight to see which ones you need to keep and which ones you can do without?  Everyone better start doing their own back-up or house cleaning of their e-mail accounts.  Anytime Google’s e-mail system, Gmail, can have a failure that wipes out your “e-mails, labels, themes, folders, and other personalized settings” we’re in trouble.

The Huffington Post reported Sunday that the search engine behemoth was having trouble with a few of their customer’s e-mails.  We’re not certain how many customers they have, but for this scenario let’s say there’s at least 100 million people on their server.  Well, that would mean that 290,000 of them are out of e-mails.   There was about .29 percent of their accounts affected.

Those with accounts filled up the “help” rooms trying to get answers.  Surely, Google is in a tizzy trying to fix the problem.  Read more here.

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