Facebook Hookers on the Rise

Did the hot spot for hookers in your city look a little empty Saturday night?  Well, there may be a good reason for that ….on Facebook.  According to recent research, hookers have been hitting Facebook at an alarming rate to go trick or treating.  They have bypassed the pimps and set up their own enterprise…well until Antonio gets a Facebook page and looks her up.

The NY Daily News reported on a studyfound in the February issue of Wired magazine about a sociologist from Columbia University, Sudhir Venkatesh, who studied the habits of 290 sex workers and found that 83% of them use Facebook to drive business to their site…home…whatever!  They have been quite successful thus far and Venkatesh believes that it will be the #1 HOOK-up site for hookers by the end of 2011.

Craigslist ran into humongous problems with the adult section of their site causing them to have to disable, desist, and plain ol’ kill it!  But, they still have women relentlessly advertising their “business” there.  Read herefor more detail into these pages on Facebook and how to keep your man off of their sites.

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