Charlie Sheen’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Suspended While Ratings Are High?

Charlie Sheen during Today Show interview.

A  TV actor must do everything short of shooting at the director in order for a network to pull the plug on the show while it has high ratings.  The show drives the ratings, the ratings drive the money, and the network gets PAID BIG MONEY to keep everything running like a well oiled machine.  So in Charlie Sheen’s case–who WASthe highest paid actor on television at $2 million per episode– it is apparent that his cheese has slid completely off the cracker because they have just given him the boot. 

In an interview with the Today show Monday, it is evident that he’s been getting so high he may get a drug named after him.  He’ s going to have crackheads put crack down or better yet, if they get that super hit, they’ll start saying, “Yeah man!  You can roll wit me!  I’m going down here to get that real shizzle…that Charlie Sheen! That Charlie Sheen is a helluva drug!”

Sheen has been reportedly having erratic behavior for some time.  To add to that controversy, he’s got two girlfriends living in his home with him and his twin boys, which he refers to as “The Goddesses.”  He was recently arrested for tearing a hotel room up in NYC, he’s had assault charges and numerous rehab committals.  In his interviews with Piers Morgan and the Today show he bears a slightly emaciated appearance and talks incoherently for most of the interview.  But the most bizarre element in his thinking is that he feels he has cured himself of his addiction with his “mind”, so there’s no reason for him to do anything like Alcoholics Anonymous or any other drug treatment.  He makes it clear that he’s in a “crisis management” facility and not AA.

Also, Sheen’s show has been cancelled for the rest of the season and he is still under the impression that he’s indispensable.  He’s planning to ask them for a raise of $3 million per episode or they can take a hike.  The interviewer, Jeff Rossen, looked at him sideways and said, “You’re getting paid $2 million per episode and you want a raise?” Sheen answered, “Hell yeah! look what they’ve put me through!”  Check it out for yourself:



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