Baby Breeding Farm in Thailand Busted

People in America and throughout the world who want infants are not digging deep enough into these foreign adoptions to find out the origin of their baby’s mother.  They simply know that their prayers have been answered and the fee, in some cases, minimal.  But, the price is much higher for the mother who is providing these babies in Thailand.  The mothers of some of these so-called “surrogates” have been raped, imprisoned and worse in order for these baby breeding farmers to make money through these human trafficking schemes.

A “farm” of this sort was just uncovered and shut down in Thailand after the Vietnamese government was alerted to the situation in one house in Thailand where women were being kept for the purpose of breeding.  Many of the women were either pregnant or had just given birth. According to the AFP, 14 Vietnamese women were rescued after an e-mail was sent to the Vietnamese embassy that tipped off Thai officials.  They were offered thousands for their babies and their passports were taken from them. 

Four Taiwanese, one Chinese and three Myanmar nationals were arrested for their part in running the business called “Baby 101”  and charged with illegally working in Thailand.  In addition,  police said a 35-year-old Taiwanese woman was arrested and charged with human trafficking.  The police are looking for more women that may be held in different locations.  So far, nearly 40 women are shown on a website,, in various positions around a swimming pool as possible mothers for surrogacy service.  They were taking egg and sperm donation and nine months later given a child for a whopping $32,000 plus other expenses.  Bargain shopping for babies?  But that is only for some of the women.  Health officials believed that others had been raped.  This is sick!

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