All of Rhode Island’s Teachers Receive Pink Slips?

Just when you thought you had it bad Detroit, here comes Providence, RI., education officials handing out layoff notices to every single teacher in the city.  The entire country should shudder in horror because these two cities aren’t the only ones to dismantle public workers by the thousands.  They are mere prototypes for what is to come throughout the nation as the federal government appears to be, in the not-so-distant future, trying to eliminate public education.

According to the Associated Press, the Providence teachers received the notices because it is state law that they be notified by March 1, of a possible layoff before the new school year.  The schools in the area have been under performing and one school will receive 11 permanent layoffs because of test scores.  The superintendent threatened to fire the entire teaching staff at Central Falls High School last year after the teacher’s union wouldn’t adhere to requests of  “a longer school day, after-school tutoring, and a new evaluation system without much extra pay” to bring the school’s test scores up.

This plan to hand out 2,000 pink slips eases the school system from singling teachers out later.  They will be able to fire at will, so-to-speak.  Read more here on the lethal situation going on in Rhode Island.  Watch these cases very closely because they may be hitting home for many more of us soon.

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