Tyler Perry’s Latest Letter Details What He Does with his Money…For Colored Girls DVD #1 Sales

Tyler Perry

Perry has sent out his latest letter and it bears some of the warmest sentiments from the holidays as well as the news that his last movie “For Colored Girls” was #1 in DVD sales last week.  Can anyone tell us how the movie and/or the cast of brilliant African American women missed Oscar consideration?  His letter also catches us up on what he did during the holiday and the loss of his mother.  Read his letter here:

Hey there,

I know it has been a while, sorry. From Christmas to Feb. 12th is a
difficult time for me to move through, seeing as my mother loved the
holidays. Also, Feb. 12th is her birthday, she would have been 66 this
year. The greatest comfort I have is that there isn’t one more thing that
I could have given or done for her on her birthday. Even before she died,
I was running out of ideas. I cannot tell you what a good feeling it is to
know that I did all I could. I rest well in that.

A few things I must say to you. First off, thanks for making FOR COLORED
GIRLS the number one DVD last week, almost a million sold. How great! We
do so appreciate it. Also, I want to say thanks for the 19 NAACP image
award nominations, these women so deserve the acknowledgment. The
performances in this film cannot be beat. I have to tell you, after doing
such a heavy movie I ran to Madea. I mean ran. I NEEDED a LAUGH. I hope
you saw the teaser trailer by now. Madea on Maury how silly is that?
LOL…thinking about it. I can’t wait for you to see it. With so much
going on in the world, I tell you if I didn’t laugh and pray, I would want
to lie down and give up. I can’t wait for you to laugh with me on this

You may have heard about this story back in December. I didn’t talk about
it then, but this is what happened. I was lying in bed watching the local
news here in town and I saw a story about an 88-year-old woman whose house
had burned down a week before Christmas. What blew my mind about this
woman is that she was not only almost 90, but she was raising seven great
grandchildren. Now look here, I know some grandmothers at 40, who
wouldn’t raise one grandchild, let alone 7. LOL. Anyway, I was just moved
by what she said on the news, she wasn’t worried about anything other than
being able to keep her “babies”, as she called them, together. Her love
for those kids was apparent. Also, what was apparent from the story is she
didn’t have any insurance to rebuild the house; I called the fire chief
that was raising money for her, I told him that I would pay to rebuild the
home for her and the kids. In the meantime, I would rent and furnish a
home and pay all the utilities for her, so she could keep her family
together and have a great Christmas. Well, it has been a few months, the
new house is underway and the family is very happy.

I said all of that to say this to you, on behalf of her, and the hundreds
of people who work for me here at the studio, on behalf of all of the
people of Haiti that we have given to, on behalf of all of the wells dug
in Haiti and in Africa so there could be fresh water, on behalf of the
families that are fed and put through school and all of the homeless
people that are being fed, thank you! Just know, when you buy a DVD of
mine or go to a movie or see a play, you sew into good soil, and good
people benefit.

Be Blessed,


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