Women Fight Over Pancakes in Restaurant (Video)

What is the world coming to?  Can anyone tell us?  The good Lord didn’t mean for good ol’, self-respectin’ white folk to show their butt in public this way (sarcasm).  We all have known that this kind of stuff doesn’t just go on between us…I hope.  We know that the new white girl is out there showing off that thong every chance she gets…this time is no different.  Matter of fact, this is the second fight we’ve put up that their infamous thong is on display for the world to see during a beatdown.

According to ohhellnawblog.com, the two women get to fighting because one asks the other for some syrup because she didn’t get any with her pancakes. The woman that was asked for syrup turns around and looks at the woman’s pancakes and says, “Your pancakes look fine to me b**tch!”  And it was on!  Check them out:

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