More Blacks Have ‘Washington’ Surname Than Others

In our nation’s history, George Washington is the first President of the U.S., but it also appears that he’s the father of our country.  But, those children aren’t white as one might think.  He has more black children running around the country than anyone else on record. 

According to the Associated Press, there are more African Americans with the last name of Washington than any other ethnicity in the country.  The 2000 U.S. Census counted ninety percent of people with the surname Washington were in fact African American–a total of 163,036.  That number is far higher than any other ethnicity for any other common name.

Washington is the first President, so obviously he’s the first to enslave Africans amongst U.S. Presidents.  According to Clarence Lusane, author of “The Black History of the White House”, Washington not only enslaved Africans, but he was adamant about them staying.  A lot of historians seem to believe that Africans chose to take his name to assert their freedom.  They were like Native Americans in that respect because at the time they were able to choose what they wanted their last name to be.  It was as though it was a symbol of being American.

Read more here on the interesting beginnings of our people’s freedom in this country as well as a more accurate account of George Washington.

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