Follow-Up: Murray State University Professor Resigns over Racist Remarks

Former Murray State University Political Science Professor Mark Wattier who resigned for making disrespectful racial remarks to two of his black students.

We reported a story Friday on students at Murray State University in Kentucky that were disrespected by their political science teacher using racist remarks toward them.  But now, Murray State University is accepting the resignation of one of its long-time professors that made the really dumb mistake of referring to a couple of his students as “slaves.” After they arrived on time and he started a film for the class 10 minutes before class started and they asked him why, according to the student, said, “It is part of your heritage. The slaves never showed up on time to their owners and were lashed for it. I just don’t have the right to do that.” Exactly! What the hell?!

The students, Arlene Johnson and DeVaunte Martin, were both shocked at the response and Johnson made a complaint that has now led to the political justice professor Mark Wattier resigning from his position after 30 years.  While he did agree to step down, he tells a slightly different story than was told by Johnson.

Wattier said two students asked him for a course syllabus after he assumed they showed up late for class and he said: 

‘Do you know why you were late? There’s a theory that a way to protest their master’s treatment was for slaves to be late.’ “My comment was inappropriate. I regret having said this out of context and bluntly.”
Check out how the story started here:

2 thoughts on “Follow-Up: Murray State University Professor Resigns over Racist Remarks”

  1. I was going to lash out about this ignorant fool – but then again {we} blacks have our own people perpetuating this negative feedback! We have: rappers disrespecting our women, other black people putting one another down and not feeling any remorse about it at all, ‘Uncle Toms’ selling their souls for benefit (the sister on the Howard Stern radio show) So, when the “white media” and folks are subjected to this they in turn jump on the bandwagon! Can’t get upset about this man’s lack of moral judgement when we aren’t respecting ourselves FIRST AND FOREMOST! We need to clean our house out first and then attack intruders that come with “dirty feet”!

    Nuff said!

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