Detroit Closing Half of the Public Schools

The city of Detroit is taking yet another blow.  Over the years, the city’s government reported that the school system couldn’t keep students in school, but now they’re trying to put them out.  The school system has a deficit that has run into the hundreds of millions and the best solution that the state government could come up with is to dismantle the school system with layoffs and closing half of the city’s schools.

According to local NBC news channel 4, the Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit Public Schools, Robert Bobb, is suggesting that if they close half the schools and layoff teachers and teacher support staff that they will cut the $327 million school deficit to zero by 2014.  Bobb will be leaving his station June 30, but his Deficit Elimination Plan (DEP) already has a preliminary approval by state education officials. Included in the DEP is that there be a regional principal rather than a principal in each school and 60 students to a classroom.

The Teacher’s Union is in immediate opposition to the plan and plan to fight it.  Chrysler couldn’t have had better timing for the commercial they launched during the Super Bowl.  The city has to stand up! Fight!  And know THAT is what they do.  Check out more on the story here.

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