Wisconsin’s Democratic Senators Flee to Illinois to Stop Governor’s Dictatorship

Jesse Jackson joins in with Wisconsin protestors.

Wisconsin is fast evolving into Egypt with their protests against the state’s governor.  The union and the workers are in an uproar because of his latest budget proposal. The union is begging the most important question, “Why do you have a budget bill that includes controlling employees’ collective bargaining?”  That just doesn’t make sense.

Lawmakers do not think so either. Democratic senators abandoned ship and fled to Illinois in order to keep Gov. Scott Walker’s bill from passing.  (It looks like Wisconsin won’t be voting Republican again.)  Walker suggests in his bill that collective bargaining be put on the table for cuts in addition to the monetary cuts–doubling health insurance contributions and a contribution of 5.8 percent of their salary to their pensions…which union leaders have agreed to.

If that were to happen, the union would be useless and the Republicans find that to be a non-negotiable area of the deal.  Well, the senators that left the state are Democrats who believe that the Governor should hear the people out and negotiate a better deal that wouldn’t enslave the people.  To cut the public workers’ pay AND take away their power to regulate working conditions, wage scales, working hours,  overtime, etc. is a travesty.  That’s why the senators had to cross state lines to make their point and let Gov. Walker know that he is not the dictator he would like to be.

Read more here about the mess in Wisconsin that could duplicate itself in other cities around the country if we don’t take heed to what is happening and protect ourselves.  Ladies and gentleman, you don’t have to worry about the end of the world predictions…the drought is here.

-J.C. Brooks

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