Maryland Legislators Seek to Change the Name of Historic ‘Negro Mountain’

Western Maryland is home to a huge piece of black history that some find offensive these days.  In the era of political correctness, the historic landmark known as “Negro Mountain” has riled the feathers of lawmakers and citizens throughout the state and passersby.  The mountain was not able to be named after the African American who fought to save white french settlers from Native Americans in that place at the time, so it was simply labeled “negro”.  But some believe that it’s time the man be honored by his name…Nemesis.

Okay, well that might not sound that much better, but at least it is his name.  Maybe the legislators could concede to giving the mountain a subtitle like, Nemesis: an African American soldier who fought for whites to have this land.  Well, that doesn’t sound much better with the area being 97 percent white.  The lead legislator on this bill is Sen. Linda Gladden, who has taken a massive amount of flack over her idea to change then name to reflect the progress of civil rights for African Americans. But, apparently, we aren’t as evolved in America as she thought.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Gladden said her intent is “to update history, not change it.”  Read more here to understand the divide amongst people African American and white to the name change on the mountain.

One thought on “Maryland Legislators Seek to Change the Name of Historic ‘Negro Mountain’”

  1. It is the right thing to do. It Obviously shows how racist America was and still is and it is a teaching lesson about America. Maryland should leap to change the name of the mountain to to really honor the man by using his name.

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