164 Drug Addicts Bust Out of Rehab in Vietnam

Drug abuse in Vietnam is viewed as drug dealing in the U.S…you’re going to jail.  If you’re caught using drugs under their strict laws, they can lock you up in a rehab facility for up to two years.  The conditions these addicts live under is considered “inhumane” and they aren’t properly rehabilitating the offender (doesn’t look like the centers in America have been too effective either).  Apparently, Vietnam’s drug addicts are so disserviced in their centers that they organized a “break” from the center. 

According to the Associated Press, officers sent dogs and tear gas on them and the prisoners threw rocks and stones at the guards.  Many are still at large.  The facility has 398 inmates, including 48 women, who are being treated for heroin or other substances.  The facilities are considered to be like boot-camp, including hard labor and brainwashing with communist “ideological education.”

Could you imagine a rehab center in the U.S. having a major uprising?  It would be similar to something out of Chuck D’s mind. Obviously, someone has been treated enough to put a plan together to successfully mobilize over 100 residents and get out of there.  Something in their process must be backwards because you have this level of liberation in the center, plus a high relapse rate.  Read more here about what’s really going on in Vietnam’s drug program.

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