Philadelphia Drug Ring Includes Children Used as Mules (Video)

Top Left: Christopher Lewis, Top Middle: Neiya Rawlerson, Top Right: Rodney Saunders, Bottom Left: Senya Saunders, Bottom Right: Somer Pugh source: Philadelphia pd

Philadelphia police detectives did not realize they would uncover such an ugly side of their drug dealers during an investigation of drug activity in their city this week.  The raid they conducted on a home not only resulted in the seizure of large amounts of marijuana and cash, but led to the shocking discovery of children who moved the drugs for the adults.

According to local NBC affiliate channel 10 in Philly, five people were taken into custody for possession of narcotics, including the parents of nine and ten-year old boys who were allegedly involved as carriers.  The police seized seven pounds of marijuana from the children’s backpacks as their mother was attempting to send them out the door.  The elaborate drug bust started with a routine traffic stop because two of the culprits, Rodney Saunders, 39, and Christopher Lewis, 29, were riding without their headlights on.  But once authorities saw drug paraphrenalia the whole drug ring was unraveled.

The children have been taken by the Department of Human Services and Rodney Saunders, Christopher Lewis, Senya Saunders, Neiya Rawlerson, 19, and Somer Pugh, 33, were all arrested.  And police confiscated 9,080 grams of marijuana with a street value of $90,800 as well as $10,476 in cash.

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4 thoughts on “Philadelphia Drug Ring Includes Children Used as Mules (Video)”

  1. I’m all for legalization of drugs FOR ADULTS, but when anyone stoops so low as to use, sell, or in any way involve children in it they should be locked under the fckin’ jail. One other thing, you have to love how cops inflate the “street value” of drugs to make the bust sound bigger/important/juicy than it really is. I know very little about weed’s value, but my math finds it strange that 7 lbs of the stuff is worth over $90,000! That’s like $13,000 per lb!!! GTFOH!!! What a ridiculous exaggeration!!

  2. Well, well, well. Ghetto-folk sho’ know how ta raise dem chirrens. Those two black males have already been made statistics b/c of their own family tradition of selling drugs.

    Hopefully, those youngsters will realize how wrong and against the law drugs are. Following in their “peeps” footsteps should be the fartherest from their minds.

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