Murray State University Professor Suspended for ‘Slaves’ Remark to Students

Arlene Johnson, freshman at Murray State University, complained about professor's racist remarks.

The college experience should be one of fascination, resolution, and excitement about the future that each student has chosen or are preparing to choose.  The thought of a freshman coming to a lecture that was less than intriguing, being disrespected and possibly redirected to bombarding her time with fighting a  battle with one of her professors to maintain her respect for herself and fellow students is overwhelming and may call for a tuition refund.

Arlene Johnson, a freshman from Sikestown, Mo., was violated as a student and person.  Last August, she arrived to her class a few minutes early and found her professor, Mark Waitier, Jr., was already playing a film.  She waited until after class to address why he had turned on the film before class and then her and another classmate–another black student–DeVaunte Martin, were shocked with his response.

According to Martin and Johnson, Professor Wattier explained to them that class starts 10 minutes early when films are being shown. This was new information to them. Wattier then said “I expect it out of you guys anyway.”  When they asked him to clarify, he became even more nasty. According to the students the next thing he said was:  “It is part of your heritage. The slaves never showed up on time to their owners and were lashed for it. I just don’t have the right to do that.”  

Johnson filed an official complaint and Professor Wattier was given a pink slip.  He is now trying to appeal the university’s decision to suspend him for more than 30 days without pay claiming that the schools bylaws state that they cannot do that.  Check out the rest of the story on Mr. Racist Professor here.

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