Man Declared Dead Wakes Up…Dies Again

Leroy and Penola Tarver

One Florida family that thought they were getting ready to witness a miracle were met with nothing but grief and tragedy…twice.  A husband and father collapsed at his home and paramedics came immediately.  But, the paramedics, 30 minutes after they tried to revive their patient, said that he was deceased.

But that’s not the end of the story.   Penola Tarver had been married to her husband, Leroy Tarver,  for 49 years and she was devastated.  Paramedics threw a sheet over Mr. Tarver and waited for the mortician to come and pick him up.  But, once he arrived at the mortuary, the mortician said something out of a science fiction thriller occurred, Mr. Tarver was gasping for air and waking up. 

He was actually able to be a part of their lives for a few more days.  Check out this tragic story:



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