CBC Chair Calls Out President Obama on Budget Hurting the Poor

Congressional Black Caucus Chair, Emanuel Cleaver

President Obama is getting more and more flack over the new proposed budget that is going to Congress. The budget cuts are staring down the nation’s poor and democrats, especially the Congressional Black Caucus leader, are not having it.  But, President Obama warned that if the Republicans won the House or Senate that this was going to be the result.

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Emanuel Cleaver, said, “Rebuilding our economy on the backs of the most vulnerable Americans is something that I simply can not accept.” It might appear that the CBC is leaning toward the ideas of the Republicans, but they are talking about different spending ideas that do not coincide.  They start out wanting some things for the poor, but things veer off the road of cooperation quickly.

President Obama is walking a bipartisan tight rope that will not work for anyone in the end.  We elected him our President in a time of enormous financial and social turmoil that this country has not seen occur all at the same time on any President’s head.  We were at war, we were in a financial nose dive, the car industry was threatening closing its doors as well as our banks and Bush had packed up his bags and waved to Obama from his helicopter window saying (without using his mouth) “Deal with it!”  Get off his back and let the man do his job.  He has done a stand-up job by ANYONE’S standards.

Read more of what Emanuel Cleaver had to say here.

-J.C. Brooks

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