Girl Found Dead in Father’s Toxic Exterminator Truck on Highway

This is the truck the twins were found in.

This is one of the most horrendous and bizarre murders that we’ve ever seen.  An exterminator, with his two adopted children in his truck,  was found on a highway in Florida writhing around on the ground doused in gasoline.  But, the most horrific discovery was the daughter dead and tied up in the back of the truck and the son doused with a chemical so repulsive he was having seizures and the emergency technicians could barely get to him without becoming violently ill themselves.

According to MSNBC, the animal who claimed to be their father, Jorge Barahona, had tried to kill himself by burning himself up with gasoline.  Unfortunately, he was not successful as he did not even light a match.  He claimed that he couldn’t light himself up because his son was in the car.  Ok! Stop right here! Flag on the play!  If you’re trying to kill your son, and it’s quite obvious that the boy has been tortured, why would that matter?  He’s a coward making excuses. 

He wouldn’t divulge the chemical found dripping from the young boy in the front seat of his vehicle and the vehicle was so toxic that the truck couldn’t be searched.  But hours later,when they were able, they discovered “the deteriorating body of the boy’s twin sister, wrapped in plastic bags, wedged between chemical containers in the enclosed pickup bed.”

But, the crime this man committed wasn’t nearly as bad as the one committed by Child Protective Services.  They had been called about this man and his wife before.  In fact, four days before the girl was found in the truck, they were called out to the home where a woman from CPS said she left without interviewing the other children in the house because it was already after 9pm on a Friday. 

Please read the full story here because we’ve only scratched the surface of how profoundly perverse this story gets.  It talks about the girl being a hermaphrodite and the son being autistic on top of a life riddled with torture.

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