South Carolina Cracks Down on Inmates with Facebook Pages

First, prison officials were complaining that inmates were getting cell phones at an alarming rate and using them for the purpose of staying connected to the outside.  But, they were going so far as to intimidate and run illegal business with them.  In December, we reportedon the uprising going on in Georgia that was orchestrated and managed on their cell phones.  Now South Carolina is getting ready to shut down the Facebook pages of their inmates because they feel they are a threat to the general public.

Rep. Wendell Gilliard, a Democrat from Charleston, has introduced a bill to bar inmates from being members of social networking sites.  So far the bill has been well received and has 12 co-sponsors.  According to an interview with Reuters, Gilliard explained the reason behind by the bill saying, “The inmates have been using social networking to put coded messages out about where money is to be found, who turned them in, wanting revenge. It’s putting innocent people’s lives at stake.”

Gilliard started his crusade because of stories he came across about inmates on Facebook.  One of them is Anthony “Tony” Enriquez, 34, who is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for murdering a man over a pack of cigarettes.  The victim’s friend was shocked to find Enriquez on Facebook. Gilliard expects a quick turnaround on the legislation.  Read here for more details on the story.

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