Miami and Ohio State University Only Wants Blacks and Latinos?

Someone is trying to start some bull with two prominent universities in Ohio, one of them a Big 10 school.  They are being chastised for having a higher concentration of blacks and Latino than usual.  Certainly, the report that is being circulated don’t intend or pretend to insinuate that African American and Latino students make up even HALF of these schools student body?  Surely, they jest!

The non-profit conservative think tank, the Center for Equal Opportunity, has released a report that allegedly shows that Latinos and African Americans are getting preferential treatment in the application process.  They claim they can prove that African Americans and Latinos scores are at or below those of white applicants yet their applications are pulled and accepted over that of the white applicants.

Miami University and The Ohio State University both dismiss the claims and offered this statement to the Columbus Dispatch:

“We are also interested in such things as the strength of the applicant’s high school, rigor of their curriculum, the strength of their essay and their work experience,” said Dolan Evanovich, OSU vice president for strategic enrollment planning. “And race is an optional question on the application.”

Read more on the bogus report here.

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