Census Results Find the Poorest County in America

The census results are in and things don’t look good for one county in the country.  The decade before the census wasn’t good for the county either, but somehow they stayed above water.  The recession hit though and now…here we are at 2,500 most impoverished people in the nation.

We thought that Wayne county, which includes Detroit, Mi., would’ve been the county that was hit the hardest, but it is actually Ziebach County in South Dakota where  most of the residents are  Cheyenne River Sioux Indians living on a reservation.  The community is devastated with  unemployment rates that can get up to nearly 90 percent during the winter months, according to the Huffington Post.

The Cheyenne River Indian Reservation was created nearly 125 years ago and it has no casinoes and no oil reserves or available natural resources. Most of the homes are between cattle ranches and are dilapidated or trailers that have seen better days many years ago. The towns in Ziebach county are lost in time and are dependent on the government for almost every resource available to them.

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