Video: Undefeated Ohio Basketball Team Boycotts Coach for Racial Slurs

Richmond Heights High School Varsity basketball team boycotting their coach for racial slurs.

A Ohio coach may be looking for another job as we speak because of his total lack of judgement when talking to his basketball team … his African American basketball team. 

He didn’t have sense enough to reserve his racist ideas for his fraternity of jackass brethren. 

It was obviously quite normal for him to say, “‘Well, you guys don’t go out and play n*gger basketball. ‘Cause this is what they gonna expect ya’ll to do, play n*gger basketball.” 

There’s no other way to explain why he would say something like this so matter-of-factly to his team. 

Richmond Heights high school’s varsity team coach Jason Popp, is being investigated by the school because of this statement which was retold to reporters by a member of the team, Jordan Early. 

Parents and students were outraged by the remark and the team refused to play in a game scheduled for Thursday, forcing the school to postpone until today.  The school superintendent Dr. Linda Hardwick, said that Popp would have an opportunity to attend meetings with parents and school officials to get to the bottom of this fiasco.

Dr. Boyce Watkins gave an eloquent argument on what has happened with this team and the past treatment of black athletes like LeBron James and what led up to his controversial departure from Cleveland.  His entire report is here.  Also, Ohio’s channel 5 reported on the awful treatment of these fine young men. Let’s pray they get justice and Popp will have to pop his butt into the unemployment line.

-J.C. Brooks


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