British Granny Thwarts Jewelry Heist with Purse (Video)

Ann Timson, 71, wearing a red coat wielding her purse at thiefs.

If you haven’t seen this granny in action yet, you’re missing a real treat.  She is handy with her shopping bag and she isn’t afraid to use it. Arthritis be damned! She hit the streets to help someone she thought was in need of help and took them down.  She is probably still amazed at what she did. She was running on pure adrenaline.

She was only armed with her purse, but the robbers of a London jewelry store had hammers and probably worse. Four of them were arraigned in court yesterday.  When she ran over to the disturbance on the street in front of the store, she thought she saw someone being beaten up, so she thought she’d go over and shake them down.  She ended up taking them down!

Ann Timson, 71, has a son in the U.S., who was equally flabbergasted at his mother’s actions.  He told MSNBC, “That looks just like my mama out there in the streets with that red coat on going upside somebody’s head! She’s a hot mess!” (loosely translated)  But really, he couldn’t believe what she had done and had recognized her red coat when showed the video.

Check her out.  Supergran to the rescue!

-J.C. Brooks



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