NY Planned Parenthood Caught Up in Anti-Abortion Group Sting

An anti-abortion organization thought it could send members from the organization disguised as a pimp and under age prostitute to a Planned Parenthood to get them on tape saying they would help the pimps and prostitutes in any way they could.  But what was really found in that sting operation…nothing.  They were foiled again by police.

According to the local NBC affiliate, they identified the organization as Liveaction.org. and they have been tryintg to catch Planned Parenthood on tape somehow incriminating themselves with undercover footage of them extending their services to under-aged girls.  A couple came in dressed as pimp and “colleague” trying to consult with the staff on how their services work.  But, the bottom line was for them to catch the employee of Planned Parenthood doing something that obviously falls outside the guidelines for the 90-year old organization.

The president of Liveaction.org, Lila Rose, was not happy with the results of her defeat because the pimp and his “colleague” weren’t able to secure information on them that they wanted.  But this type of scenario only fans the flames of abortion dollars, rights, and how many will be able to receive them.  Read more on the story here.

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