Chicago Neighbor Goes to War Over Stolen Shovel (Video)


A lot of us have stories about winter trouble with neighbors: the stolen parking space that you shoveled out, chairs in the street holding a spot (that isn’t in front of their door), they won’t shovel in front of their door, he has a snowblower and only does his 3 feet of sidewalk with it while you shovel out your driveway, and last but not least…THE STOLEN SHOVEL!  Who borrows someone’s shovel without asking and then doesn’t even bring it back?  Really, who does that? Well, in case you’re not sure, she’s been caught on video in Chicago.

David Welles was puzzled when he noticed his shovel was missing from the place he left it until he used his surveillance equipment to figure out the mystery.  To his surprise, he found that it was not a gang banger or kid looking to use his shovel to make money, but his very own neighbor.  She even let her dog “do his business” on his property when she took the shovel.  She used the shovel to dig out her car and never returned it.  Luckily, he had a snowblower. UNluckily for her, he was not going to use it on his own property.  Check out his perfect revenge here.

-J.C. Brooks


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