After Debacle with Ex-Wife, Steve Harvey Launches Mentoring Program for 100 Young Men in L.A.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey was ambushed by his ex-wife, Mary Harvey, last week with charges of neglect, abandonment and plain ol’ bad treatment.  But, even with her character bashing, she hasn’t deterred him from moving forward with projects that could’ve been tainted by such bad press. 

No one is discounting her allegations, but you have to admit it seems just a little bit suspect that she is coming out with all of this new information about him while trying to sell a book that answers his New York Times Bestseller relationship book, “Act Like A Lady:  Think Like a Man” with “Do I Have to Think Like A Man? How to Think Like a Lady and Still Get the Man.” 

Her character bashing could take his stock down with women, especially single women.  But, according to Black Voices, he has chosen to continue with the launch of  a special Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend for Young Men for 100 Los Angeles-area teenage boys at the University of Southern California’s Davidson Conference Center.  Attendants were chosen by essay submissions from high school boys aged 13 to 18 year olds from single mother households.

Read more here on how Harvey believes that taking it back to the roots he came from and mentoring young men makes all the difference in their lives.

4 thoughts on “After Debacle with Ex-Wife, Steve Harvey Launches Mentoring Program for 100 Young Men in L.A.”

  1. I CANNOT imagine what these boyz could possibly get out of this horse teeth azzhole!!! The only thing he can teach them is to become a narrow minded sexist azz wipe like him!! He CANNOT speak for no man except the dudes he personally know!! I mean really? How sexist. And being a woman, I’m really offended. Even the most desperate female (not woman) should have since enough to know that if she choose to listen to this dumb azz, that’s probably why she’s still SINGLE!! DUH!!! All men are NOT the same despite the sexist comments this zoo animal & some females (not women) say. Ugh. Somebody pleaze kick his horse teeth out!!! Make me SICK!!!! What a azzhole!!!

  2. Let me assume that Kito is an African American ‘woman’. Let us also assume that there may be something to the allegations made by the former Mrs. Harvey. I am troubled by the language used above, “horse teeth, dumb azz, zoo animal”…these are the kind of comments that racist and ignorant people use when disparaging Black Americans. If we don’t stop using these words to describe each other, why should anyone else respect us as a people. Please stop the self-hatred. If you don’t like what S. Harvey is saying, SAY THAT.

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