10-Year Old Falls in Subway While Gaming

Remember Cathy Cruz Marrero? She’s the woman whose video of her falling in a mall fountain while texting went viral on the Internet.  But even that widespread attention couldn’t teach anyone the importance of being distracted while walking.   But, since she was guilty of TWW (texting while walking) it’s obvious that folks took that to mean that only texting will have such harmful effects…not true!

A 10-year old boy walked right off a subway platform while busy playing his PSP. According to Huffington Post, there wasn’t any train coming and there was a police officer, Alessandro Micalizzi, present that jumped down on the tracks to pull him up before any harm could come to him.  Now Oprah is going ot have to make some revisions to her No Texting while Driving commitment because it seems that she took them from behind the wheel and caused a problem on foot. 

Obviously, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving, if you have poor judgement and are easily distracted, you’re not safe anywhere!  Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

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