Boys Picked Up from School by Mom to Rob Bank

Tawander Simmons, 35, with her accomplices: her son and classmates.

This is definitely a moment where we have to say:  C’MON SON!  What woman in her right mind (which may be the problem) would devise a bank robbery and use her kid to help her.  And not only use her kid, but enlist his friends.  And on top of that, you interrupt their school day to come and pick them up for the heist. C’MON SON!  It is clear that someone, not saying any names, needs a psychiatric evaluation or a swift kick up the……

According to a local CBS affiliate WGCL, last Friday, Tawander Simmons, 35, of Stone Mountain, Ga., went to Stephenson High School and signed her 17-year old son, Benny Brice out of school, along with two other boys, Glenn Broom, 18, and David Rollins, 17.  Stop! Flag on the play! What school allows a parent to come and sign out other people’s kids?  This is disconcerting and intriguing.  Hopefully, the parents of the other boys will treat this scenario with extreme prejudice. In other words, somebody is going to get their ass kicked for this one.

She then proceeds to Wells Fargo and stuck the place up at gunpoint with these kids as her back-up.  Her brilliant plan was working until she allowed herself to be videotaped with a gun in the teller’s face.  Read more here about the unsuccessful getaway.  All of them have been charged with armed robbery.

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