Vanderbilt Hosts Malcolm X’s Daughter and First African American in NBA

Black history month is off to a great start at Vanderbilt.  The prestigious university will have a full roster of events for Black History Month including speeches by Malcolm X’s daughter Attalah Shabazz and the first black man to enter the NBA, Earl Lloyd.  Both are instrumental and celebrated in not only the African American culture, but the history of this country.

Ambassador Attalah Shabazz is the eldest daughter of civil rights/pan-africanist/humanitarian Malcolm X. The legendary activist was assassinated in New York’s Audubon Ballroom in front of his children and wife, Betty Shabazz.  Ambassador Shabazz has gone on to follow in her father’s footsteps in activism as a diplomat for Belize, but she is also a producer and writer.  February 10, she will present a lecture called, “Melting Pot: Cultural Diplomacy/Multi-National Patriotism”.  She is also the founder of The Pilgrimage Foundation, Tapestry Bridge, Legacy Inc. and the Malcolm X Shabazz Birthplace and Foundation.

February 11, Earl Lloyd, who was the first African American to break the color barrier in the NBA, has written a book on his experience.  It’s possible that because basketball isn’t America’s favorite pastime, Lloyd wasn’t as celebrated for his achievement as Jackie Robinson’s induction into Major League baseball. 

In 1950, Lloyd came into the NBA at the position of power forward for the Washington Capitols. The university is honoring him with a special celebration as a part of the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center’s Living History Series.  He will sign copies of his book, “Moonfixer: the Basketball Journal of Earl Lloyd”, written with Sean Kirst at a second public reception the next day, February 12.

Read more here on what Vanderbilty will be doing during Black History Month.

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