Super Bowl Draws Massive Numbers for Under Age Sex Trade

The Super Bowl has a lot of us thinking about what snacks we’re going to buy, where we’re going to go and watch the game, where is the best restaurant to see the game.  Do you know anyone who is just thinking about where to find children they can have sex with during the game?  This sporting event has pimps everywhere jumping for joy because they do huge business in the under age sex trade.

According to MSNBC, a lot of runaways and those young people who have been abducted make up their employee roster.  The psychological and physical intimidation over these children keep them from escaping their pimps.  They will be travelling from all areas of the country to Texas just to make up the demand for under age prostitutes during the Super Bowl.

Over the past two Super Bowls, 50 young people have been rescued from these predators.  Some of the victims were on the Missing and Exploited website and one of them were “trafficked from Hawaii.”  Read more here. Those of you that live in Texas or will be there for the game, be on the lookout for young people wandering around.  You can be a great help in rescuing someone’s child.

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