Ohio Governor Starts Racial Battle by Hiring All-White Cabinet

Ohio Governor John Kasich

Ohio’s governor has run amok with his ideas on running the state.  He has forgotten that he was elected by the people, thus he will be chastised and brought to task by the people.  But the most important thing he has forgotten is, UNFORTUNATELY, black people helped to put him in office–the same office he refuses to hire any minorities to support.

GOP Governor John Kasich has torn a book right out of his 19th century predecessors’ book by keeping his newly appointed cabinet completely white.  He claims that he is only hiring the best for his administration and race does not play a part in his selection.  State senator Nina Turner, a Cleveland Democrat, told Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, “Through his actions and deeds, Gov. Kasich has declared that Ohio is open for business, but if you are African-American, you need not apply. If you are Hispanic, you need not apply. If you are Asian or Indian, you need not apply.”

She also alleges that in a heated discussion with Kasich he said, “I don’t need your people.”  Immediately, she had no idea what to do with this statement.  His spokesman has since tried to clear it up saying that he meant “partisan democrats.”  But not only is he having a problem adding color to his administration, there’s other racial flags being thrown up.  In January, he signed a resolution to celebrate the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day — instead of Jan. 17, the correct date. Not enough for you?  He shunned the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s invitation to attend the tenth annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration while he was in the city.  And the list goes on. 

How did Ohio vote in an ultra-conservative Republican?  That’s not the usual m.o. for the state.  The state’s black caucus is on his behind though along with the Southern Christian Leadership and the Rev. Al Sharpton.  It is impossible for a state that is not all-white to be run by an all-white administration.  The needs of the state can’t be properly identified or felt.  Read more here on John KKKasich…sorry I stutter.

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Ohio Governor Starts Racial Battle by Hiring All-White Cabinet”

  1. The flip-side of this is that at least we know where this governor is coming from. I’d rather him tell me face to face that my people aren’t important than to snicker with his buddies in the back room and call my people the “N” word. Julius Freeman Smith always said, “Always keep a snake above the grass so you can see what he’s doing. If he slithers among the roots he can render you a venemous, deadly bite.”

  2. Really, it’s cool that he honestly stated that he will discriminate, so that you know where he is coming from? How about getting up off of your behinds in Ohio and fighting for equality and justice as guaranteed under the 14th amendment of the Constition? Ohio has some of the highest povery and incarceration rates in the nation, particularly among African Americans, who are often railroaded due to their ability to secure quality legal services (See The New Jim Crow by Dr. Alexander). Additionally, every time I visit a city in Ohio (the place where I was born and raised, and where my family still lives), all I see are Black men and women mopping floors, emptying garbage, and a working in numerous other low wage jobs. Many are poor, and poorly educated (look at the disagregated achievement and attainment rates in the National Center For Education Statistics — the social/economic gap between white and black & latino students is rediculous, (albeit there are a lot of poor whites there too) with the exception of a few who are there to show others that all could attain high levels of achievement if they only worked harder. African Americans in Ohio have a long history of standing and fighting for the civil rights due to them. Now, despite how bad they are doing economically and socially, their continually declining quality of life, and the increasing racial and economic discrimination that is taking place, Black folk seem more content to fight among themselves. Good luck with that.

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