Facebook to Give Addresses and Phone Numbers to Third Parties Soon

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg?!  What the fraggle nackle bull hickey is going on over there at Facebook?  First, you got hookers coming from everywhere to get their “business” on and now you’re selling everyone’s addresses and phone numbers to your third party advertisers.  What gives?  There must be a pretty penny involved in this deal.

The advertisers on Facebook and all of those game applications everyone likes to play Continue reading

Charlie Sheen’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Suspended While Ratings Are High?

Charlie Sheen during Today Show interview.

A  TV actor must do everything short of shooting at the director in order for a network to pull the plug on the show while it has high ratings.  The show drives the ratings, the ratings drive the money, and the network gets PAID BIG MONEY to keep everything running like a well oiled machine.  So in Charlie Sheen’s case–who WASthe highest paid actor on television at $2 million per episode– it is apparent that his cheese has slid completely off the cracker because they have just given him the boot. 

In an interview with the Today show Monday, it is evident that he’s been getting so high he may get a drug named after him.  He’ s going to have crackheads put crack down or better yet, if they get that super hit, they’ll start saying, “Yeah man!  You can roll wit me!  I’m going down here to get that real shizzle…that Charlie Sheen! That Charlie Sheen is a helluva drug!” Continue reading

Facebook Hookers on the Rise

Did the hot spot for hookers in your city look a little empty Saturday night?  Well, there may be a good reason for that ….on Facebook.  According to recent research, hookers have been hitting Facebook at an alarming rate to go trick or treating.  They have bypassed the pimps and set up their own enterprise…well until Antonio gets a Facebook page and looks her up.

The NY Daily News reported on a studyfound in the February issue of Wired magazine about a sociologist from Columbia University, Sudhir Venkatesh, who studied the habits of Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh At It Again…Abortions Taking over Klan’s Mission?

Before we get into this, let me first start by saying, “Rush Limbaugh has never been a friend to the black community.”   Okay, now!  What is this bullshiggidy in the news that Rush Limbaugh made the statement: “Planned Parenthood, doing the job the Klan could never finish? Is that what you think?” (as though he’s talking to someone in the studio)   This was near the end of his rant over Planned Parenthood and the controversy surrounding a billboard in New York that went up and subsequently came right back down due to the controversial imagery of a little black girl and the words, ““The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.” Continue reading

Is Tyler Perry Remaking ‘Love Jones’ ?

Can it be that Tyler Perry is ready for a rated R movie?  Could he be ready to take on a venture into the sexual conversation of what today’s Love Jones may look like?  It appears that the answer to all these questions may be a resounding NO.  But, since we haven’t heard anything from Madea’s mouth, well, we’re stuck in a media limbo.

The Root reported that all of the hoopla over the project is pure rumor.  According to their sources (which they didn’t name), the rumor Continue reading

Is $32,000 Too Much for a 6-Year Old’s Birthday?

Anyone in their right mind knows that those people on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” and TLC’s new show, “Outrageous Kid Parties”, need professional help.  Really!  If they want my unprofessional input on the topic of overspending on these parties, I will be pleased to help them find their closest dollar store and soon after, a therapist.  The topic on the table today is a parent who spent $32,000 on a 6-year old’s birthday party.  The TLC channel showed the family last week  and commentators have been eating it up. Continue reading

Gmail Account Holders Outraged Over Erased E-mails


Are you going to take the time to look through all of your e-mails tonight to see which ones you need to keep and which ones you can do without?  Everyone better start doing their own back-up or house cleaning of their e-mail accounts.  Anytime Google’s e-mail system, Gmail, can have a failure that wipes out your “e-mails, labels, themes, folders, and other personalized settings” we’re in trouble. Continue reading

Baby Breeding Farm in Thailand Busted

People in America and throughout the world who want infants are not digging deep enough into these foreign adoptions to find out the origin of their baby’s mother.  They simply know that their prayers have been answered and the fee, in some cases, minimal.  But, the price is much higher for the mother who is providing these babies in Thailand.  The mothers of some of these so-called “surrogates” have been raped, imprisoned and worse in order for these baby breeding farmers to make money through these human trafficking schemes.

A “farm” of this sort was just uncovered and shut down in Thailand after the Vietnamese government was alerted to the situation Continue reading