Georgia Woman Stages Ugly Rant Against Eddie Long (Video)


It appears that at least one woman in Georgia hasn’t forgotten about Bishop Eddie Long’s alleged sexual misconduct case.  Apparently, there hasn’t been much action in the lawsuit pending against him by four former young male members of his church who have charged him with coercing them with his spiritual position and/or influence, money and gifts in exchange for sex.  They were supposed to be mentored, but allegedly, they got a little more “encouragement” than necessary.

But one woman that goes by the moniker Cadillac Kim staged a vile protest against the Bishop last November to embarrass and shame him via YouTube.  Some of you may be familiar with her already.  She goes deep with this video to detail the tryst between the Bishop and his “victims.” Cadillac says in her video that it’s not right that Christians haven’t been praying for the victims, but standing behind Bishop…so to speak.  She also says she is broadcasting live from his church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga.

Warning! The content of this video is extremely explicit and there should be NO CHILDREN present when viewing.  Also, you may not want to play this one too loud at work…you will be fired for this one.  She’s being quite graphic when depicting what transpired between Long and the young men who are suing him during a satirical candlelight vigil for them. Check it out:

4 thoughts on “Georgia Woman Stages Ugly Rant Against Eddie Long (Video)”

  1. She needs to have someone pray over her, evidently she must enjoy it for her to play with that kind of mess on air where kids, and other babes in Christ and see this sick betrayal she calls prayer. Do she honestly think that God is pleased with what she did, if you want to pray for someone Cadillac then pray for the people don’t make a mockery out of the situation. God said touch not thy anointed and do thy prophet no harm, not because they are above the law of God but God will have His vengance and His time to deal with Eddie Long, the four boys, you and anyone else that constantly make a mockery out of this situation and not be the woman or man of God that God has called us to be is an intercessor standing in the gap on peoples behalf, I feel this was distasteful and immature. I don’t care if you write back it doesn’t make a difference, what you’ve done has been done, and you will surely have to answer to God for what you’ve done and the ones that stood on that street and pretended to have compassion on the situtation. All I can do for you and your followers is to pray the wrath of God don’t come upon you quickly!

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