Two Different Banks Left Open During MLK Holiday (Video)

Have you ever forgot it was a holiday and went to the bank walked inside only to find no one was manning the store?  Yeah, me neither.  But, people in Modesto, Ca., found the doors open and used the honor system.  A concerned citizen trying to make a good impression on her daughter and show her how important it is to do the right thing.

Citibank owes a debt to Heather Breeding.  She discovered the branch was open when she visited their ATM.  She opened the door and not only was that door open, but the door to the teller area.  Citibank is confident that  “no confidential information was accessible.”  Breeding said that all the lights came on and the phones started ringing  and she decided to answer thinking it just might be security…and it was.  She then was asked by Citibank’s security to “stand by the door, look for police, and not let anybody else in the bank.”  C’MON SON!  At this point a boundary was crossed.  There had to be some kind of reward right?  NOT!

The Citibank and Wells Fargo banks that were left open are only a quarter mile from each other.  Sound fishy?  I think so too.  And so far, neither bank would agree to go on camera but released a statement.  Citibank said that it was a faulty security system.  Wells Fargo on the other hand didn’t say anything on their behalf, but police believe that it was probably a third party like a cleaning service that messed up. Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks


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