Forbidden Couple Shot and Killed in Walmart Parking Lot (Video)

Anthony Martinez, 31, and Astrid Valdivia, 13, lost lives in shootout with police.

Sacramento residents were witness to a fatal double shooting of a man and a little girl that were on the run together.  No, she was not his cousin, not his sister, or stepdaughter. They were “together.” They started out in Utah where the girl lived with her mother.  Apparently, he lived with them too. He was arrested for kidnapping, but got out on $25,000 bond and she was put in a foster home. 

Astrid Valdivia, a 13-year old runaway was found with Anthony Martinez, 31,  last October in Natomas. But, she broke out of the foster home and they ended up together again in Sacramento.  When they ended up at a Walmart in Sacramento, they were approached by police.  Martinez shot at the officers.

Martinez was fatally shot after he shot three police officers.  Even more disturbing, Valdivia ran to his side to protect him and was killed in the rain of fire too. No one is sure how it all happened, but they both have senselessly lost their lives.  Check it out:


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