Surf Shop MLK Day Sale on all ‘Black Products’ Meets with Protest

Ad posted at for MLK day sale.

The Martin Luther King day sales have officially gotten out of hand when folks start putting Martin Luther King, Jr. in a Speedo to sell merchandise.  Certainly, he never thought he’d be caught dead in a wetsuit, but it appears that is exactly what has happened.  A surf shop in Laguna Beach, Ca., took their ads just a little bit too far by superimposing Dr. King’s photo on someone else’s body.

According to KTLA, the Thalia Surf Shop published an online ad that read:  “Respect. MLK Sale 20% off All Black Products”.  Needless to say, this did not go over well. But fortunately for the store’s owner, Nick Cocores, the protest against the store were in the form of negative comments posted at the site by those who had seen the ad.  He has since taken the ad down.

Read here for more on the controversy.

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