Video: Second Graders Perform Oral Sex in Classroom; Teacher Present

This has got to be one of the most despicable cases we’ve reported.  There is a second grade teacher out there somewhere in Oakland , Ca., that will hopefully be incarcerated for the unthinkable act of allowing children to get naked in the classroom and perform oral sex acts on each other. 

The teacher is claiming that he has no knowledge of any of the acts reported, yet this is not the first time this has occurred.  There are two separate incidents that will be investigated.

Several students were naked in the second grade classroom of Markham Elementary and one of the students, who was not involved, told on the teacher.  The grandmother of the little girl spoke with reporters, but her identity was kept anonymous. Because of an ongoing investigation, all reports are withholding the teacher’s name. The young lady who came forward will be receiving an award from the principal, Pam Booker.

The school has suspended the teacher indefinitely pending an investigation into the allegations.  Booker has apologized via a letter to the parents of the children involved directly and indirectly.  So far, the school’s investigation has not turned up anything in the teacher’s record that is consistent with these incidents.

Watch the report HERE:

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