Four Police Officers Shot inside Detroit Precinct

Detroit police officers are going to have to start protecting their own house before they respond to others.

  Everyone thinks that a police station would be one of the safest places to be, but we’re learning something new with the shooting in Detroit yesterday afternoon. 

There were four officers shot in a Detroit Northwest side precinct and it appears they were totally defenseless.

According to Detroit’s local NBC affiliate WDIV, Detroit’s police chief, Ralph Godbee, all four police officers will be fine.  Of the four officers at the 6th precinct, Commander Brian Davis was the most severly injured.  He was taken to Sinai-Grace Hospital in critical condition. The other officers are:Officer David Anderson, Sgt. Ray Saati and Sgt. Carrie Shultz.

Chief Godbee said that the gunman “indiscriminately” shot the officers.  The atmosphere became chaotic and officers returned fire and killed the gunman.  At press time, Godbee still had no information on the reasoning behind the gunman’s actions but assured reporters that they had already gained his identity and are in the process of researching his past.

Check out the interview here.

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