Woman Fell In Fountain While Texting Video Goes Viral…Lawsuit in the Air

Cathy Cruz Marrero, poster child for newest danger to your health, "Walking while Texting"

Apparently, the Oprah pledge doesn’t help everyone in every texting situation.  I don’t think there’s a part of her contract that states anything about “walking” and texting. But the one woman in America that has had a near death experience from”texting and walking” might cause Oprah to make a major edit to her contract.

Cathy Cruz Marrero, was a victim of cell phone technology from both ends…her own stupidity and the person who taped it.  She couldn’t wait to have her texting conversation which landed her head first in the Berkshire Mall fountain and someone used their cell phone to make a video of  footage caught on a security camera by a security guard who has since been fired.

But obviously, Marrero isn’t happy with the mall’s form of punishment against the security guard. She is prepared to take everyone involved in her public humiliation to court.  Thursday morning, she sat with her lawyer and fielded questions from Good Morning America about how no one came to her aid.  She said that security responded 20 minutes later…after she was gone.  (They were too busy making videos for YouTube.)

She also revealed that she works in the mall and didn’t want her identity revealed this way.  The footage of her falling into the fountain garnered nearly two million hits at the time of the interview. Check out the rest of the details here.

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