Bomb Found on Route of MLK Parade in Washington

Washington state is known for dealings with the Aryan Nation and/or white supremacy.  And what better time for them to pull a terrorist act on those who would like to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., than at the morning parade.  The plot or any news surrounding the duffle bag found along the parade route for the MLK parade hadn’t been uncovered at press time.

The duffel bag was discovered by three city workers.  The bag looked suspicious to them when they looked in it and discovered wires. The parade route had to be detoured in another direction to give bomb experts time to diffuse the bomb.  The incident brought Spokane FBI out to investigate.  They said they are not trying to make a judgment, but the holiday and parade and a bomb found in the street seem to have Aryan nation written all over it.

Check out the details of the story here.

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