Two High School Students in L.A. Shot with One Bullet

It’s a terrible time in the education system all over America and a high school in L.A. is a shining example of what is going wrong.  The students at Gardena High School are regularly under pressure with crime, racial tension and gang violence.  But now, the need for students to protect themselves has caused two students to be hospitalized, with one in critical condition.

Originally, police erroneously reported that there was some kind of shooter loose on the campus, but the only thing that really happened was an unidentified 10th grader dropped his book bag which hid a gun inside.  According to police, the gun went off on impact and shot one round off that penetrated the skull of one student and the neck and shoulder of another.

The boy’s teacher told authorities that he apologized just before running out of the classroom which police used to prove that he wasn’t targeting anyone and that it was a mistake.  But, he was still arrested and will be charged.  The first violation is because he carried a weapon into the school.  They still are baffled as to how he was able to get the gun past the metal detectors and wand the officers use when the students enter the school.

Another student that was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times and identified themself as a “good friend” of the student, said that he started to bring the gun to school after getting into a fight outside the school.  Check out the video and the story here for more details:

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