Kanye West Is Going Gay…on Film?

Hopefully, there’s no one out there that has started a rumor about Kanye West being gay.  We haven’t heard anything like that, so let’s just report the real deal.  Kanye is trying to make his mark outside of Hip Hop by turning his sights on to the big screen with a  film that will have him coming out the closet…just joking! The role is a gay jazz band member.

According to MediaTakeout.com, the movie is a great chance for Kanye to get his big break because several heavyweights: Oprah, Big Willie Smith, and Jay-Z have chipped in on the $20 million film. The film is set around a jazz band in 1939.  Kanye will play the role of one of the jazz members who happen to be gay.

One of the things that might have his fans look at him sideways, depending on the position in the movie, is an explicit gay sex scene that is supposed to occur.  There’s even Oscar buzz circulating the film. Read more details here.

4 thoughts on “Kanye West Is Going Gay…on Film?”

  1. Amen Kyle!!!! You hit the nail on the head That is why I rarely if ever go to the moevis OR rent moevis, and if you don’t like their politics don’t give them your money to support them

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