Injured Fox Shoots Hunter Back

The headline is right! You don’t need new glasses or anything.  The fox is truly the most clever and cunning animal in the woods.  He’s not to be approached lightly because, obviously, he has a trick up his sleeve at all times.  This particular fox got a little training from the possums though.

In Belarus, a hunter was after a fox and didn’t realize how cunning they can be.  He got a shot in and the fox was wounded.  He thought he was an easy mark though.  The fox laid down, but certainly he wasn’t going out like a punk and let him walk up on him and use the butt of his gun to finish him off.  Hell no! The fox jumped up and tussled with him and turned the gun on the hunter during the fight and bus’ a cap in him!

Does this sound unbelievable?  Of course it does, but it’s true.  The hunter is laying up in the hospital with a leg wound.  Read about the incident here. You won’t believe that this isn’t the only one.

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