Rat Jumps On Subway Catches Ride on Passenger (Video)

The subways are no place for humans when rats start wanting to ride next to you.  Well, in this case, ON you.  This train was on its way through Brooklyn when unspeakable occurred.  The rats in New York roam the city like park pigeons; they’re not afraid of us.  And this rat was just a little more overzealous and “comfortable” than others.

A man, like many before him, fell asleep on the ride home and is sleeping when all of a sudden a rat chooses to take a ride with him.  He could’ve bit him in the face, on the ankle, anywhere.  Other passengers appear to totally disregard the incident.  One guy just moved his feet out of the way as though his mama was coming through with the vacuum cleaner.  It must be a New York thing.

Check it out…if you dare! Gross.

-J.C. Brooks

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