Woman Pays $900 for Cab Ride Home

The first time the snow fell in New York this season was right after Christmas and it was similar to what has been dumped their way yesterday.  There were blizzard like conditions and flights were cancelled in every direction.  And one woman was destined to make it to her destination because she could not take anymore days off from work. (Even in a blizzard?)

According to the New York Post, Emilian Emeagwali had taken her five children on a trip to Disney World for a week.  They were ready to fly home to NYC, when they were notified that their flight had been cancelled due to the blizzard.  But Emeagwali did not take “no” for an answer, she simply booked them on another flight to Buffalo and figured she’d be home free from there.  She’d catch a Greyhound bus with her children.  Nope!  No buses running, they told her.

But that wasn’t going to stop Emeagwali to returning to her bread and butter on Monday.  She saw a cab driver and asked him if he would drive her and her children from Buffalo to NYC’s Elmwood community and he agreed.  But the only problem is that there was bad weather, right?  After 13 hours of driving and the driver being haggled down from his initial asking price of $1,100 to $900 everyone made it home safely.

Read more here on this unbelievable Wizard of Oz ride home. It sounds like the mother is playing the role of the scarecrow in this rendition.

-J.C. Brooks

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