Verizon Finally Offers iPhones…and Unlimited Usage

According to the Wall Street Journal,  Today Verizon will announce that they are finally offering the iPhone.  The mecca of cell phones that AT&T cornered the market with by being the only carrier of the device.  But now that Verizon has agreed to carry the phone, they not only break out of the gate with that major announcement, but they trump AT&T by offering unlimited data use plans that are non-existent over at, you guessed it, AT&T!

That ol’ devil Verizon is playing hardball, but experts wonder if they are gambling a little too much with the new venture.  The company toots its own horn by boasting the #1 network in America, but is it strong enough to offer such an option to its millions of customers?  Even with AT&T’s limited usage plans, they saw problems early on that left people unhappy with the service from the beginning.  Remember when we reported in December 2009 that New York couldn’t get service from AT&T, so they stopped selling the iPhone there? 

Watch it Verizon! Even though you are supposedly beefing up your system, this too could be you.  Read more here on the deal.

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