Honey Buns Serve as Currency in Prison System

When we were children a nice warm honey bun was all the rage.  It seemed like you could get a friend to either barter or share most anything they had for a promise of a bite of your honey bun.  Now here we are and Cell Block H has gotten a taste of the forbidden fruit.  The prisoners in Florida’s corrections system are enjoying the honey bun in ways that we had never known was possible.  The perfect example, they have started to use them as currency.

Some prisoners in one of Florida’s correctional facilities has been known to share them during football games, but for the most part they themselves just enjoy not having to eat the same ol’ everyday processed food made up for them. The St. Petersburg Times printed a story with several examples of how valuable the honey buns are.  Men have been killed over not paying their debt of  “four honey buns.” Can you imagine being so much more concerned about the honey buns that you put your well-being on the line?

Another very important fact the Times revealed in their report is that “inmates in the Florida prison system buy 270,000 honey buns a month.”   Statewide, the allure of the sugar outsells tobacco, envelopes and “cans of Coke” because the intense amount of sugar helps keep the appetite for drugs and alcohol at bay. There is even a story where families of inmates complained because in 2009, when canteen prices went up from 66 cents to 99 cents, 60 families wrote letters and called to complain. Now they are up to $1.08 (wonder what happened when they went up again).

Read here on the importance of honey buns in the prison system.  You won’t believe it. It’s making me hungry for one.

-J.C. Brooks

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